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Mast Climber

Mast Climbers – Mast climbing work platforms have proved to be unmatched in their combined advantages of higher lifting capacity, productivity, comfort and safety.

American – AS Mast Climbers offers a wealth of experience, giving them the ability to satisfy any number of mast climbing work platform applications. Offering a range of products, which covers from the smallest, single mast climbing work platforms for small restoration work with the “Mini-Mast” to larger twin mast climbing work platform for heavier construction work. The strong point of all the models is the modular composition, in both height and length, which means enormous saving on construction site costs.

Safety Benefits:

  • Self Braking Drive Motors
  • Emergency “No Power” Manual Descent
  • Travel Limit Switches
  • Adjustable Top and Bottom Limit Stops
  • Mast and Platform Safety Gates
  • Top Mast Section with Interrupted Rack
  • Safety Interlock on Access Gates
  • Audio Travel Alarm
  • Automatic Self Leveling Devices (Twin Applications Only)
  • Base Leveling Screw Jacks with Safety Locks
  • Meets and Exceeds OSHA and International Requirements

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