PC1 - The updated PC1 hoist marries the trusted PC1’s breech reeving capability with the proven low voltage performance of our newest models. With the deepest voltage operating range on the market and the easy-to-replace motherboard, the PC1 manages poor power better than the competition. Trust the market innovator to bring industry-leading voltage performance to the market-leading, breech reeving PC1.

  • Proven market leading PC1 with reliable performance from 177-229 run volts
  • Simple electrical troubleshooting using motherboard swap-out method
  • Breech reeving allows no-power rigging and derigging, saving time and money. Easily self-reeves
  • Easy to operate, train to, and troubleshoot
  • Backwards-compatible components allow owners to easily update their older PC1s with the best combination of power management and fleet-efficient features
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PC3 - The new PC3 skips a generation of product development to offer the most simple, reliable, affordable hoist performance.

  • Proven load-dependent traction system
  • Nearly impossible to jam wire rope
  • Extensive electrical improvements
  • Mechanical components carry minimum 105 operating hour life with regular service
  • Remove 'motherboard' with electrical components to do fast, inexpensive, power-induced repair
  • Covers prevent debris accumulation
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