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Get big benefits from the time and money you'll save with the X Vent Box. Using a new, patented design, it's a wall cap and exhaust termination box that vents dryer, kitchen and bathroom exhaust. With its advanced design and performance, it not only improves airflow, it also maintains the integrity of your indoor environment.The X Vent Box will allow you to:

•  Save money by reducing or even eliminating long-term maintenance and repair costs
•  Save time with a one-step installation process that cuts labor costs
•  Improve air quality with a wall cap that prevents air intrusion, water intrusion, sand intrusion and mold development
•  Enhance your architectural design with a flush, louvered vent that can be painted and customized

Created by a construction industry professional, it was designed to address the major problems that arise from wall caps or exhaust vents, including mold and mildew, air / sand intrusion, and the damage associated with them, reducing your overall liability. This revolutionary new design also provides extra features that make it flexible, customizable and simpler to install.

Benefits and features of the X Vent Box Wall Cap:

  • Eliminate mold and mildew concerns.
    With a unique, monolithic design made of plastic polymer, the X Vent Box prevents mold growth and uses gravity dampers to keep out moist, exterior air. Our double-outlet models also include a separator fin to prevent bathroom and dryer exhaust from interacting.
  • An exhaust vent designed to improve ventilation
    Louvers and gravity dampers allow only one-way ventilation, while also preventing water and sand intrusion during hard winds and rain.
  • Flexible and customizable design to suit your project requirements
    Use the exhaust vent horizontally or vertically. It can be oriented in four different positions without compromising its structure and can ventilate from 4-inch (10.16 cm) to 8-inch (15.24 cm) diameter exhaust ducts.
  • One-step installation reduces labor costs
    You'll no longer have to go back two or three times to install, seal and finish exhaust vents. Just install the pre-assembled X Vent Box once and paint on it or around it when your project exterior is finished.
  • Long-term service and reliability cut repair time and costs
    With its high-melt temperature molded design, X Vent Box will provide years of reliable service. The materials used in the X Vent Box have a UL 94 V-O flame spread rating, high temperature resistance (up to 230 degrees), and UV inhibitors for protection from the sun. Plus, they are non-corrosive and high-impact resistant.
  • Repairing exhaust vents has never been this easy
    If any repair or maintenance is needed, simply remove the louver face for easy access that won't compromise the building structure or the vent. You can even replace interior parts without affecting the box cavity.
  • Repair or replace other wall caps without building damage
    Need to replace older exhaust vents in your building? Do it without damaging walls, using an X Vent Box in-line sleeve model that was designed just for this purpose. Simply slide our in-line sleeve model into an existing duct hole and cap it with the louvered panel for easy replacement that saves time and money.

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